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Tiffany Rae Knight is a stage trained actress based in NYC. A graduate from the University of Texas, she was nominated for Austin Round Table Critics Award during her time there for her portrayal of Paula in Fefu and Her Friends. She has performed in Texas, Louisiana, and New York in all mediums, and is constantly looking to expand her experiences. During her time in New York, her fashion modelling has been featured by Bill Cunningham in the New York Times, as well as the Associated Press, Village Voice, New York Post, Gothamist and other syndications. 

Musically, Tiffany trained in voice and choral. In the city she sings regularly Sunday mornings with the Archdiocesan Cathedral of the Holy Trinity on the Upper East Side. Her own projects include a focus on traditional Scots-Irish tunes and songs, and uses accompaniment procussion in the form of the bodhrán. Monday nights she frequently plays with the Iona Scottish Session in Brooklyn. 


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